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Style: Musical Show
Production and singing: Brigitte Balma
Arranged by: Serge Salacroup & Manolis
Piano: Serge Salacroup
Guitar: Manolis
Stage coordinator: Eric Fardeau
Playing time: 1H40
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The story : Let's imagine one night 4 French artists met.
Barbara, Charles Aznavour, Alain Souchon, Zazie.
An imaginary "Rendez-vous" of different generations, repertoires and personalities...
They would have shared their experience regarding life, through the themes of their songs : EXPRESSION, DIFFERENCE, TIME AND LOVE STORIES.
These themes are their stories.
These "Histoires d'Eux" are also ours.

The show : The audience is invited to share the atmosphere of these 4 French artists. This voice, piano, guitar acoustic trio has specially arranged the original songs.
It's a patchwork of anecdotes and songs... A picturesque show full of emotions and humour paced by the spontaneous interventions of the artists.
More than 20 songs and "Histoires d'Eux".

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