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Musical "Les biquettes"

Genre : Musical
Written and directed by Claire Deval ("La Jaja" company)
Facebook : Facebook Company "La Jaja"

This is the story of a little girl, eager to become a grown-up, and tonight, she feels so happy. It is her first evening with her older sisters called the Biquettes. Eyes wide open, she wants to see it all, feel it all. And that is good timing, as the old Biquettes are dreamy and they remember how much they loved, vibrated, showed off, laughed, sang and shook together. The little girl is listening to all those memories, those love stories, the first times, the second times and even the third...She admires her older sisters, their confidence, their freedom and their impudence. This journey is so exhilarating that she surely doesn’t want to wake-up. And yet...

Extract of the Biquettes:
As long as we will keep our child’s soul, in our beds at night, we will feel this brilliant impatience of the next day which gives us the strength to fight again, to overcome the strongest storms, to look towards the horizon with hope, to exhaust oneself out with passion… and eventually land onto the stars.